Tips for family holidays in Hardanger

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Do you plan holidays with children in Norway? Choose Hardanger! Here, you will find a whole range of exciting and child-friendly activities that suit the entire family.


Do you travel to Norway with children? The contrasting nature in Western Norway and Hardanger is the perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday - for the whole family. In Hardanger, you will find various exciting and inspiring experiences - everything from water and amusement parks to interactive exhibitions and farm visits.

Get to know Mikkel, Mikkeline, and their friends at Mikkelparken! The amusement park in Kinsarvik is perfect for families with children between 1-10 years.


Visit the Norwegian Nature Center - Hardanger or the Folgefonn Center and learn more about this region's unique nature and climate. Or maybe you would like to feed the fish in the Hardanger Akvasenter or in the lake Gullfiskvatnet?

On a RIB boat safari, you will feel a breath of fresh air in your hair - children will like that too! You can even see eagles, small whales, or orcas on this excursion with a bit of luck. Or maybe you would rather explore the fjord more calmly? Rent kayaks and slide, very quietly, from one natural beauty to the next.

And, talking about wind in the hair - on the Folgefonna Glacier, you can go skiing in summer! The trails are family-friendly and suitable for everyone. On a guided glacier hike with the Folgefonni Glacier Team, you can explore ice that is a thousand years old; children from 7 years can take part in those tours. The view from the new Fonna 1199 restaurant, which is located directly by the glacier, is fantastic, and you can fully enjoy a well-deserved break here.

Or how about combining activity and learning? In the Olav H. Hauge Center, the Kraftmuseet Museum, and the Hardanger Maritime Museum, children can take part in several exciting and educational activities - everything from generating electricity to building small wooden boats.

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Do your children like to swim? Then we recommend visiting some of the many beautiful beaches in the region. And when the weather is bad, you can swim inside - in the new Hardangerbad indoor pool, which is ideal for children and adults. By the way, it is right next to the new Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese.


These are just a few tips for family vacations in Hardanger. Find more offers in the list below.

Experiences for the whole family


Family park with a range of activities and lots of fun for kids between 1-10 years. Featuring water complex with slides, electric cars, bumper-boats, train, jungle trail, indoor playing area and animals. Entertainment...

Norwegian Nature Center - Hardanger

The Norwegian Nature Center Hardanger is a modern nature and cultural-historical experience center in Øvre Eidfjord.

Folgefonn Centre

The Folgefonn Center is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. It includes modern, interactive exhibitions on topics such as geology, climate, the water cycle, and life in the Hardangerfjord. The Folgefonn center is easy to reach, for instance by speedboat from Bergen.

KraftLaben Science Center

Interactive exhibits, experiments and science show. Also outdoor science park. An exciting place with learning and fun for the whole family! Facebook

Hardanger Maritime Museum

Family friendly maritime museum emphasizing activities and open workshops. You will experience ropemaking, forging and wooden boat building. You can make wooden figures, make ropes, build small boats and learn about k...

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort, summer ski

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort is a summer ski center on the Folgefonna Glacier. From the banks of the Hardangerfjord in Jondal you can drive up the 19-kilometer-long Glacier Road, all the way to the glacier and the ski center.

Blue Ice Hike -Folgefonni Breførarlag

Experience the blue ice on the Folgefonna Glacier with the Folgefonni Glacier Team! They take you on a glacier hike with a panoramic view of the fjord and mountain landscape on the Juklavass glacier. This part of the Folgefonna glacier offers both exciting terrains with crevasses and flat, easy-to-walk areas.

Fonna1199 - Folgefonna Glacier Center

Experience Fonna1199 on top of the Folgefonna glacier! The new Folgefonna Glacier Center, with its unique architectural design, is located just a stone's throw away from the glacier itself.


Experience the Vøringsfossen waterfall - the most famous waterfall in Norway!

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Walk safe and dry behind one of Norway's most popular waterfalls. Steinsdalsfossen near Norheimsund, is easily accessible right next to the road.


Agatunet is traditional Norwegian village center near Aga in Ullensvang by the Sørfjorden. The oldest building is the Lagmannsstova from 1220. At Agatunet you can book guided tours and see art and cultural-historical exhibitions. It is owned by a foundation.

Kabuso Art Centre & Ingebrigt Vik Museum

Kabuso has temporary exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements through the year. The art installation Hardanger Skyspace by the American artist James Turrell gives you a magic light experience. The ingegrigt Vik mu...

Norheimsund RIB Seafari

Get close contact with the Hardangerfjord, rumbling waterfalls and steep mountainsides with Norheimsund RIB Seafari. Several daily departures in season from Norheimsund, Hardanger.

Hardanger Fjordsafari - 30 minutes RIB boat tour

Hardanger Fjordsafari offers 30-minute RIB boat tours for groups of 15-24 people.

Short fjord safari by RIB boat - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the Hardangerfjord together with Hardangerfjord Adventure and their RIB speedboat. This 45-minute tour departs daily from Øystese in Hardanger.

Basic Fjordsafari by RIB boat - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the fjord, steep mountains, waterfalls, and hidden gems on a RIB safari with Hardangerfjord Adventure. Daily departures from Øystese in Hardanger.

Halsnøy Monastery

Feel the history and take a trip to Halsnøy Monastery. In the historical area, which dates back to the year 1163, there are guided tours, exhibitions, lectures and concerts throughout the year.

Rosendal Stone Park

The stone park is located centrally in Rosendal and is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. Here you can see a collection of different types of stone from the region and exhibitions with prehistoric themes.

Olav H. Hauge Centre

Into poetry? Learn more about renowned Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge at this interactive exhibition about his life and works. You may also spend time in the library, the poetry workshop, and the café at the bottom floor by the fjord.

Baroniet Rosendal

Baroniet Rosendal is Norway's only barony and Scandinavia's smallest castle. The barony is centrally located in Rosendal and is known for its cultural program and its rose garden.

Four beautiful waterfalls, Husedalen valley

The scenery and waterfalls in Husedalen simply take your breath away. Four stunning waterfalls are close to each other along the hiking trail from Kinsarvik up to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. A hike from the c...

Hardangerfjord sightseeing

Daily fjordcruise departing Norheimsund in the morning to Eidfjord. Calling the ports of Herand, Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik, Ulvik and Eidfjord. Return in the evening. Corresponding bus from Bergen 07:25, return from No...

Sea kayaking on the fjord in Eidfjord – Best Adventures

Experience the Hardangerfjord up close by gliding silently over the water. Best Adventures takes you on a kayak experience on the Hardangerfjord. You can choose between different tour alternatives.

Hardanger Hiking

Join hikes to idyllic summer farms and summits with amazing fjord views. Hardanger Hiking offers guided hikes with a local expert, knowing the past and present of the region. From 24 June to 28 August there are hikes ...

Lilletopp - Kraftmuseet

Try a short summit tour in Hardanger! Lilletopp in Tyssedal offers a fantastic view over the Hardangerfjord. The café on the summit provides good homemade coffee and light meals.

Cultural trail in Herand

A well-managed and looked-after hiking trail through unique cultural landscape that suits most difficulty levels.

Hardanger Folk Museum

The Hardanger Folklore Museum is part of the Hardanger and Voss Museum and is located in Utne. In the main building you will find Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes, and folk music exhibitions. An open-air museum with several historical buildings is also part of the folklore museum.

Røldal Stave Church

The Røldal stave church was built around 1200 and is known for its crucifix, which according to legend has healing powers. The church is centrally located in Røldal and was one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Norway in the Middle Ages, and even until 1835.

Lake Bondhusvatnet

Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad is a popular destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short and not demanding and you can do it all year round.

Fun rafting – Best Adventures

Take part in an exciting and sporty experience. Best Adventures offers family-friendly fun rafting on the Bjoreio River in Øvre Eidfjord. This excursion is suitable for children from 7 years old.


The listed power station in Tyssedal is located directly by the Hardangerfjord. It is a mighty monument of the hydropower and industrial history that started here in early 1900. A visit to the Kraftmuseum explains Nor...

Hereiane - a unique, rocky landscape

A hike through unique, rocky landscape with fantastic views over the village of Herand.

Hardanger Skyspace

Hardanger Skyspace is one of the well-known art installations by the American artist James Turrell. Through a colorful light installation, you can watch and experience sunrises and sunsets in a special way. The Hardanger Skyspace is part of the Kabuso Art Centre in Øystese.

The Goldfish Lake

You can feed "goldfi sh" here! The goldfi sh in question are Ide, released into Skårsvatnet in 1914. Good picnic and bathing area. Featured on NRK - Norsk attraksjon 2009 (Norwegian attraction 2009). The Goldfish Lake...

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