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Vacation Suggestions in Hardanger and Ullensvang

Are you planning a vacation in Norway this summer? Few destinations can boast more spectacular mountain peaks, a wide range of experiences, and short distances between major highlights like Hardanger.

Experience Trolltunga - the most spectacular rock formation in Norway. Regardless of whether you are a mountain goat or have never set your feet on a mountain top before, the view from Trolltunga will take your breath away. Standing at the tip of the tongue, hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake with the view of Folgefonna glacier in the horizon, is difficult to describe in words. It's one of those things you simply must experience for yourself.

After a long day of memorable activities in the mountains, it's hard not to find peace at Hotel Ullensvang. Here you can enjoy views of the Hardangerfjord and Folgefonna glacier from the comfortable facilities in the garden or heated pools by the fjord.

Just a stone's throw from Hotel Ullensvang, you can hop aboard The Fjords sightseeing boat and get close upon majestic mountain peaks, roaring waterfalls, charming fjord villages, and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees in Sørfjorden - Norway's largest fruit orchard.

Spend your summer vacation in Hardanger and experience why the region has been a popular travel destination for several hundred years. Here you can experience nature and activities that you won't find anywhere else.


It's easy to understand why Hardanger has been on the bucket list of tourists for several generations. In the heart of the region - specifically in Sørfjorden and Ullensvang - there is a string of unique experiences that will leave you speechless.

No matter where you turn, you are met with a rare lush and enchantingly beautiful landscape. Here you are surrounded by steep mountains, charming villages, and prestigious attractions and activities. H.M Queen Sonja's hike, Mikkelparken, Husedalen, and Oksen are conveniently located just around the corner, but it is undoubtedly Trolltunga that has the greatest attraction. People from all over the world actually plan their vacation in Norway and Hardanger just to experience Trolltunga.

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The hike itself is both long and demanding, but the feeling of standing on the tongue after hiking up the trail makes it all worth it. It is also possible to hike with a guide to make the trip as safe as possible. The good stories from the skilled guides from Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures also make the trip extra memorable!

But Trolltunga is an adventurous destination that you should take your time to enjoy. Since there are so many other attractions in the area - combined with the fact that the hike itself is a full-day trip - you should stay more than one night when you first visit Hardanger and Ullensvang.

Facility Bath Jeanett Okland
Facility Bath Jeanett Okland

And when first speaking about spending a few nights in the region, Hotel Ullensvang has to be mentioned. The combination of facilities, history and activities, perfected since the doors opened for the first time in 1846, makes the hotel one of the best in all of Norway. Few hotels are better suited to recharge and enjoy nature than the traditional hotel by the fjord in Lofthus. In addition to their impeccable pool, wellness, sports, and leisure departments, the restaurant will serve you one local delicacy after another.

A good tip is to stroll over to the pier in Lofthus and hop on a fjord cruise with The Fjords. Aurora of the fjords sightseeing boat runs between Lofthus, Aga, Børve, Nå, Tyssedal, and Odda in the summer.

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Sørfjorden is a relatively narrow and truly spectacular fjord arm. Here you can glide inward and enjoy outstanding views of nature that have been an inspiration for, among others, Edvard Grieg, the painting "brudeferd i Hardanger," and a number of other artists over the years. And on the fjord cruise, you can enjoy local food and drink for sale on the boat.

It is also possible to combine this trip with visits to the many fruit farms and cider producers along the way. Regardless of how you want it, this sightseeing route is something you won't regret!

Trolltunga, Hotel Ullensvang, and sightseeing with The Fjords combine much of the best that Hardanger has to offer; fjords, mountains, history, and local delicacies in spectacular settings. It's the perfect recipe for a memorable summer vacation in Sørfjorden and Ullensvang.

Welcome to Hardanger!

More Fun Activities in the Area

HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail

Experience "Dronningstien" in Hardanger – one of the most beautiful and popular hiking trails in Norway. Get up close to mighty nature and enjoy the beautiful views from one of H.M.Queen Sonja's favorite hikes.


Family park with a range of activities and lots of fun for kids between 1-10 years. Featuring water complex with slides, electric cars, bumper-boats, train, jungle trail, indoor playing area and animals. Entertainment...

Lake Bondhusvatnet

Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad is a popular destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short and not demanding and you can do it all year round.

Cider safari at the Sørfjorden

During summer season, the vessel "Aurora of The Fjords" sails on the Hardangerfjord, between Eidfjord and Ulvik to Odda. You can use the boat trip as a pure sightseeing fjord cruise, or you can add one or several stops with a farm visits and cider tastings en route.


Hanakamb got it all: Breathtaking fjord views, sparkling turquoise lakes, Folgefonna glacier and green valley sides. This hike really show the true beauty of Hardanger.

Tyssedal Via Ferrata - Trolltunga Active

Did you know that most of Norway's electricity today is generated by hydropower? On this guided Via Ferrata climb with Trolltunga Active in Tyssedal you will experience how this development started.


The listed power station in Tyssedal is located directly by the Hardangerfjord. It is a mighty monument of the hydropower and industrial history that started here in early 1900. A visit to the Kraftmuseum explains Nor...

Hardanger Folk Museum

The Hardanger Folklore Museum is part of the Hardanger and Voss Museum and is located in Utne. In the main building you will find Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes, and folk music exhibitions. An open-air museum with several historical buildings is also part of the folklore museum.

Edel Cider, Åkre Farm

Situated on the west side of the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang, with a perfect location for growing the tasty Hardanger apples, you'll find the farm Åkre Gard. Fruit has been grown here for eight generations. In recent yea...


Agatunet is traditional Norwegian village center near Aga in Ullensvang by the Sørfjorden. The oldest building is the Lagmannsstova from 1220. At Agatunet you can book guided tours and see art and cultural-historical exhibitions. It is owned by a foundation.

Aga Sideri

Aga Sideri is situated idyllically by the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang. Award-winning Hardanger Cider is produced here, and during a guided farm tour, you can taste and buy this local specialty.

Scenic kayak tour - Trolltunga Active

A kayak tour – either at Hardangerfjord outside Hotel Ullensvang or at Sandvin Lake – where you get to experience beautiful nature winter edition. All equipment is included, and the guide will teach you paddle techniques.

Alde cider

Surrounded by steep mountains, the Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonna glacier, Alde Sider is idyllically located on Bleie farm in Sørfjorden. The juice and cider producer, which in 2018 was awarded the best in Norway, sells the noble drops from both the farm and Vinmonopolet (alcoholic beverage retailer).

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort, summer ski

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort is a summer ski center on the Folgefonna Glacier. From the banks of the Hardangerfjord in Jondal you can drive up the 19-kilometer-long Glacier Road, all the way to the glacier and the ski center.

Lofthus: Hovden Round

Hovden Round: Beautiful Fjord View. Start: Start by the supermarket in Lofthus (or Lofthus Camping, Hotell Ullensvang or Opedal School). End: This is a round trip, highest point is approximately 350 masl. ...

River Valley in Lofthus

River Valley: Dramartic nature easily accessible. Start: This trail can be combined with other trails, but description here is from the bridge about 1 km from the youth hostel (see Fruit Trail). End: Round tri...

Wilderness Experience - Trolltunga Adventures

Outdoor experience on the Hardangervidda, including Trolltunga. This tour offers you untouched nature and enough time to enjoy new impressions.


Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local ...

Helleland Gard, cider farm

Buy, taste, and enjoy locally produced apple juice and cider from Hardanger at Helleland Farm in Lofthus. You can also book cider tastings with cheese and cured meat on the farm.

KraftLaben Science Center

Interactive exhibits, experiments and science show. Also outdoor science park. An exciting place with learning and fun for the whole family! Facebook

Låtefoss Waterfall

The twin waterfall Låtefossen in the Odda valley has a height of 165 meters and has been a popular travel destination since the 19th century. The waterfall is easily accessible - located directly by the main road 13 between Odda and Rødal.

Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger

The Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger takes you through a mighty fjord landscape. On your way, you will get close to the fjord, mountains, waterfalls, and fruit farms.

The National Park Farm

The National Park Farm at Buer is Odda's gateway to Folgefonna National Park. As an ideal starting point for trips to both Buarbreen and Reinanuten, Buer has been a popular destination as long as it has been tourists in Hardanger.


See the fjords beatifully intersect by the Hardangerbridge as you make your way up Mount Oksen. This4-6 hour long hike is demanding but the stunning view from the top is worth every step.

Trolltunga Active

Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active.The activity company and their specially trained guides offered a double number of exciting activities on and around ...

Trolltunga Husky Hike - Guided tour with Trolltunga Adventures

The perfect combo of cuddles, hiking and nature exploration! Join Trolltunga Adventures and adventurer Moa Hundseid and her gang of huskies on an amazing husky walk to Trolltunga.

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