Basic Fjordsafari from Øystese by RIB boat - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the fjord, steep mountains, waterfalls, and hidden gems on a RIB safari with Hardangerfjord Adventure. Daily departures from Øystese in Hardanger.



Discover the beautiful Hardanger fjords in a RIB boat and experience the natural beauty of the fantastic fjord scenery in Fyksesund.

Experience an exciting RIB safari on the Hardangerfjord and to the Fyksesund fjord branch.

From Øystese we will take you across the beautiful Hardangerfjord and to the charming old trading station of Herandsholmen, surrounded by majestic mountains and the beautiful fjord. The journey continues along Mt. Samlen where we cross the fjord again and enter the narrow and unique fjord landscape in the Fyksesund fjord.

Fyksesund is the only fjord branch of the Hardangerfjord that does not have a road connection to the inner part. In the last 5 km of the 10.5 km long fjord, you will experience driving between steep mountain sides to the isolated hamlet, Botnen. This is a geographically isolated local community with a long and exciting history linked to cultural contact with the outside world.

During this adrenaline-filled RIB safari in a unique fjord landscape, the guide will stop several times along the way and give you the opportunity to take in and enjoy the sight of this magical landscape. You will be served interesting facts about the fjord and stories about the people who lived here.

Fyksesund also has countless waterfalls that we drive right up to, so you'll feel the spray from the falls on your body. You'll want to have your camera handy! Bring family and friends, and share this magical experience together.


Season: April-November




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