Basic Fjordsafari by RIB boat - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the fjord, steep mountains, waterfalls, and hidden gems on a RIB safari with Hardangerfjord Adventure. Daily departures from Øystese in Hardanger.



Experience the impressive Hardangerfjord together with Hardangerfjord Adventure! The Basic Fjordsafari with their RIB speedboat leads you to places in Hardanger that are only accessible by boat. The trip starts from Øystese and will bring you close to one hidden gem after the other. 

The RIB tour starts by crossing the Hardangerfjord southwards to an old trading post on the small island Herandsholmen. It will continue into the narrow fjord arm Fyksesund that is surrounded by steep mountains and to the small and roadless town of Botnen. Returning to Øystese, you will pass the island of Kvamsøy, one of the still most cultivated and attractive islands on the Hardangerfjord. 

During the entire journey, you will stop close to land several times - unique opportunities to observe the surrounding nature and life along the fjord. So, keep your camera close at hand! 

For groups on request, Hardangerfjord Adventure offers tailor-made excursions throughout the area.