Trolltunga Husky Hike - Guided tour with Trolltunga Adventures

The perfect combo of cuddles, hiking and nature exploration! Join Trolltunga Adventures and adventurer Moa Hundseid and her gang of huskies on an amazing husky walk to Trolltunga.


Join Trolltunga Adventures and Moa Hundseid, one of Norway's most famous young adventurers, on an amazing husky walk to Trolltunga. Moa lets you borrow one of her charming sledge dogs, which will be your personal little helper all the way to the spectacular rock formation. Exploring Trolltunga during winter and spring is quite unique: fewer tourists, crispy air and loads of snow creates the most majestic surroundings and makes you feel close to nature. Huskies are strong dogs who simply love to be active - They can't wait to take you on an adventure of a lifetime! 

The husky walk is from 1900 NOK and includes: 

- Your own personal husky 

- Moa Hundseid as your experienced mountain guide

- Local lunch and snacks incudling hot coffee/chocolate 

- Snowshoes 

- Hikin Poles 


Meeting point: Meet up at P2 parkinglot in Skjeggedal valley at 0730 for husky cuddles and information about the dogs and the hike. If t he snow conditions allow it a car shuttles you to Mågelitoppen (P3), which saves 4 km and 400 vertical meters of walking (proabably not possible before May). The guides will make sure that both you and your husky are taken good care of all the way to Trolltunga and back home. You will be provided with the equipment neccessary for hiking on snow, but will need to bring the following yourself: 


- Wind and waterproof mittens 

- Warm hat 

- Wool buff

- Warm baselayers, preferably wool - two pairs 

- Down jacket

- Waterproof and windproof jacket and pants 

- Two pair of warm wool socks 

- Waterproof hiking boots 

- Waterproof gaiters 

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Snacks

- 3 litres of water 

- Backpack - minimum 35 litres + rain cover 


About the adventurer Moa Hundseid 

Moa have loved the outdoors her entire life! As a one-year-old she had to be carried into the cabin with her skis on because she refused to go inside. Since then her love for the outdoors have just grown and several adventures and expiditions have been completed. She has previously worked as a polar guide for Børge Ousland Exploration, among others, but have now joined the team of Trolltunga Adventures! She spends almost all her time outdoors, all year around, and has a real passion for the high mountains and long ski trips. She is excited to share some of here love for the outdoors with anyone who tags along on this amazing husky walk! 

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