During summer season, the vessel "Aurora of The Fjords" sails on the Hardangerfjord, between Eidfjord and Ulvik to Odda. You can use the boat trip as a pure sightseeing fjord cruise, or you can add one or several stops with a farm visits and cider tastings en route.



Cider from Hardanger has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Increasingly more people have caught the eye for the award-winning product, and from May to September, you can combine the best of both worlds with a cider safari in the Hardangerfjord. The vessel Aurora of The Fjords then operates in Hardanger and offers different packages that include farm visits, cider tastings, and a boat trip on the vessel. 

You can choose to start the trip, which has daily departures, from either Eidfjord and Ulvik to Odda. You also have the choice of visiting one or several cider producers. You can also book dinner and overnight packages at either Hotel Ullensvang or Utne Hotelor just book tickets for the fjord cruise.

Glide past majestic mountainsides, glaciers, charming fjord villages, and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees in Sørfjorden - Norway's largest fruit orchard.

Available: 13/5 - 1/9

Want to learn more about the different cider producers?

Aga Sideri

Åkre Gard – Edel


Store Naa Siderkompani

Helleland Farm

Epli Sideri

Fruit and Cider Route in Ulvik