Hjadlane Art Gallery

Sample the local aesthetics in the nook of the Osa fjord. The art gallery exhibits local artist Lars Polden's splendid paintings, drawing inspiration from the local nature and poetry. Hjadlane Galleri is open to visitors all year around.

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Welcome to Lars G. Polden’s atelier and gallery. The gallery is in the nook of the Osa-fjord by Ulvik and features several of the creative works and artistic processes of local artist Lars G. Polden. His pieces draw inspiration from the nature of Ulvik and Norwegian prose.


As of last year, the artist switched up the way in which he chooses the present his works. Previously painting in seclusion, the artist has now started painting openly in the gallery – inviting visitors to partake in the creative process from idea to completed work. The artist describes this method as highly effective; not only does it invoke more intimate dialogues with the visitors, but it also gives them a place to inquire about technique and content. As a bonus, the artist himself gains more inspiration and vigor to keep creating.


The artist himself may not always be present, but the gallery is co-maintained by his family members, making it open to visitors morning, noon and night. Reservations in advance are appreciated, and the members of the atelier can be reached by phone; Torunn (996 42 329), Lars (481 29 669). You may also send them an e-mail at hjadlane.galleri@osa.no



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