Olav H. Hauge - The Poet's Home at Rossvoll

Visit renowned local poet Olav H. Hauge's home and learn more about his life and acclaimed works. The poet's home and farmyard is a major source of inspiration for his poetry and is open to visitors year-round by reservation in advance.

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The home of local, renowned poet Olav H. Hauge is open for pre-booked tours for large and small groups. The house is located at Rossvoll which is within 15 minutes of Ulvik center by foot.


The tour starts with a brief orientation about Olav H. Hauge, his farmyard and life "back in the day" before moving on to the actual home the poet lived in from 1937. This home and farmyard has been the main inspiration of many of his famous works, such as the poem "It Is That Dream", which have gained international esteem. Immerse yourself in local poetry and lyricism as you step into the conserved life of Ulvik's greatest lyricist.



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