Engage your senses and get close with local produce and botany at idyllic Undeland Farm. The farm runs on a principle of sustainability and local cultivation, growing a variety of ecological plants, flowers and other produce. The farm offers guided orchard tours and courses related to farming, botany and flower arrangements for all ages and levels.


At Undeland Farm, we run our farm differently. 


In the damp, fruitful hills of Western Norway amongst pastures and orchards, we grow ecological Hardanger veggies and crisp cut flowers. We aim to foster more sustainability and diversity within agriculture and horticulture. 


Every Friday throughout September, we invite individuals to join in on our guided field- and orchard walks. Enjoy the view over the fjords and the mountains among several hundred plants and greenery. You get to harvest, taste and get to know the usage of all our wonderful produce we can grow here in the West. The program is suitable for everyone; whether you are family with little tots or a horticulture fanatic, and will be customized according to the participants' interests. 


Time: Fridays 10:30 AM - 12:00 (noon)



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