Blossoming in Hardanger

The fruit capital of Norway

Experience several hundred thousand fruit trees in full blossom in Hardanger during the spring. A more beautiful sight is hard to come by.

Fruity facts
Did you know that the Hardangerfjord-region is the fruit capital of Norway?

Spring is truly spectacular in Hardanger. Not only are the waterfalls and contrasts in nature at their most significant, but this is also the time when all fruit trees in the region come to life. With popping green fields, snow-capped mountains, and roaring waterfalls, everything is set to enjoy the fruit blossoming in Hardanger.

But when does it actually happen? The answer to this question changes from year to year. The blossoming usually starts in mid-May and lasts for about one month. That said, this is something that varies greatly. The temperature earlier in the spring plays a significant role, so the blossoming starts in April some years. A good tip is to contact the local tourist offices in Hardanger for more accurate information about the blossoming in Hardanger.

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Where to experience the blossoming


There is no wrong way to experience the flowering of Hardanger. However, some places have more fruit trees than others. A good tip is the fruit village of Ulvik with Norway's only fruit and side route. There are also several good accommodation options for those who want to spend several days in the region.


The Sørfjorden area also deserves mentioning. This part of the region has many fruit trees, and along the road, you come very close to one orchard after another. Especially Lofthus and along Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger stand out as places one should experience during the blossoming. Also here there are several good accommodation options in all budget classes.

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You can buy fruit directly from the farms or at the farm grocery stores in late summer and autumn. But that does not mean that you do not get locally produced delicacies even in the spring. Therefore, a good tip is to stop by one or more farm shops when you are first in the region. Then the farms have quite full stocks of award-winning apple juice and cider from Hardanger.

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Cider from Hardanger

Cider from Hardanger

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