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Cider from Hardanger

Hardanger - the home of Norwegian cider & fruit

Some things just belong together! It is the same with fruit and Hardanger.

Fruity facts
Like “Champagne,” “Cider from Hardanger” is a geographically protected brand name.

It was not without reason that monks in the region began growing fruit here as early as year 1300. The unique climate along the Hardangerfjord provides optimal conditions for producing high-quality apples. And with impeccable ingredients, the locally produced apple juice and cider could not taste any better.

The well-known Hardanger apples have been pressed and processed to perfection for generations. In recent years, however, the popularity, quality, and standard of Hardanger Cider have reached new heights. The product has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally. Like “Champagne,” “Cider from Hardanger” is a geographically protected brand name. The cider, fermented from apple juice, is characterized by its light, sour and aromatic apple taste.

Aurora of the fjords
Pre-packaged experiences

Taste Hardanger

At the numerous cider farms in the region, you will learn more about the history and the taste of these unique apples. How about combining the best of two worlds? The cider safari on the Sørfjorden, a part of the Hardangerfjord, is sailed with the hybrid vessel “Vision of the Fjords” and offers tailor-made round trips with Fjord Cruise and farm visits with cider tastings. Packages with accommodation are also available!

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Experience, taste, and enjoy the precious products directly from one or several of the many cider producers in the region. How about a visit to Ulvik and the only fruit and cider route in Norway? Or do you want to check out some of the farms in Sørfjorden or Kvam? There are many alternatives, and you will not be disappointed!

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More and more hotels in the region are focusing on cider from Hardanger. You get to taste cider at most hotels, but some focus more on food and cider than others. Here you will find some suggestions for which hotels that have a good selection of the award-winning drops.


Do you want to learn more about Cider from Hardanger and how you can taste and experience it yourself? Check out Taste Hardanger’s website! They have all the information you need.

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