Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad is a popular destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short and not demanding and you can do it all year round.


Bondhusbrea and Bondhusvatnet have been a popular destination since the mid-1800s, and it has not become less popular over the years. Pictures of the photo-friendly glacier water appear more and more frequently on social media, and it is not without reason. The colors of the lake, the unique landscape, and the glacier in the background make Bondhusdalen one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway.

The hike up from the parking lot in Sundal is not demanding at all. Both strollers and wheelchairs, though with a powerful engine, can get up the valley to Bondhusvatnet. Walking in «normal» speed, it is a 2 hour long round trip. If you want to go all the way to the glacier, it takes an additional hour.


Here's all the essential information you need to know before you begin your adventure:


Take the intersection at FV 551 and follow the sign for Bondhusbrea.

Drive approximately 500 meters to reach Bondhusdalen parking area.

Park your vehicle in the marked spaces or as instructed by the parking attendant/tourist host.


The parking fee is NOK 100 per current day.

Payment must be made upon arrival before leaving your car for your trip.

Look for the parking machine to pay the fee, and place the ticket in your car's windscreen.


There's a toilet available on-site for your convenience.

Important Guidelines:

Please be aware that there are grazing animals in the area, so keep your dogs on a leash at all times to ensure their safety and that of the animals.

The lake is a source of drinking water for Bondhus and Sundal, so it's essential not to bathe in it to maintain its purity.


If you're arriving by bus, you must park in the designated area 300 meters before the main parking space.

The road leading to the main parking area is narrow, making it necessary to park buses in the designated space.

Speed Limit:

The speed limit in the area is 30 km/h, so please drive carefully and responsibly.

Enjoy your hike and make the most of your time at Bondhusbrea! It's a stunning location with fantastic trails and breathtaking scenery. Happy exploring!