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Pleasures in Eidfjord which provide a lifetime of memories. Good days, active days, lazy days, exciting days, nature, culture and diversity.This is some of what we promise you in Eidfjord.

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Spectacular nature

Here you’ll experience real local food mixed with culture and traditions, and hospitable people. You make your own choice whether you want an active outdoor life with nature experiences on the waterfront or in the mountains, the kingdom of the real mountain people. By the fjord you can enjoy the sun and go swimming.

Eidfjord is unique. Tempting. It takes you only 30 minutes to drive from the beautiful, warm Hardangerfjord to the wilderness at 1250 m of altitude on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Here you come close to nature, the culture and the people. Real, fresh, diverse and generous nature. Here you can ?nd traces of mankind 4000 years back and therefore Eidfjord and the waterfall Vøringsfossen have been one of the most attractive destinations for over 100 years. It is easy to be excited by Eidfjord and the Hardangervidda. There are opportunities for both young and old.

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