Experience the Vøringsfossen waterfall - the most famous waterfall in Norway!

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From the spectacular viewing platforms near the Fossli Hotel and from the new bridge crossing the waterfall canyon, you can watch large amounts of water tumble down into the Måbødalen valley.

The best-known waterfall in Norway. See vast quantities of water plunge 182 m from the Hardangervidda plateau into the Måbødalen valley. Spectacular viewing platforms near Fossli Hotel 1 km from route 7 Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda. Norwegian Scenic Routes started building several viewing platforms in 2015, and all the viewing platforms near Fossli Hotel and a walking bridge crossing the waterfall are now completed. 

There is a path through the canyon going into the Vøringsfossen waterfall. It is a fantastic hike through a wild landscape. More information here.

The waterfall is partially or entirely frozen during winter. If there is heavy snow, you may not see the waterfall. On the other hand, if it is snow-free or low on snow, you can see the spectacular waterfall from the viewing- and photo point at Fossatromma, about 150 meters below Vøringsfoss Kafeteria & Souvenir.
When large amounts of snow, it is not safe to go to the viewpoints at Fossli Hotel. This because the security fences can be entirely covered by snow. 

​​​​​​Be aware of that Vøringsfossen waterfall is located in the mountains, 700 masl. During spring and autumn make sure to wear warm and weatherproof clothing and shoes, as there might be snow and harsh weather conditions by the waterfall. Parking and toilet facilities at Fossli are available from 01.04. – 31.10 - subject to small / normal amounts of snow, might open later and /or close earlier due to snow, ice and weather conditions. When traveling at the viewing points, please pay attention to weather and conditions.