Eidfjord Autorent

Eidfjord Autorent is located 100 meters from Eidfjord cruise port. We have a selection of different types of cars, but in limited number, so we recommend to book ahead!


Car rental daily in the period April 1st - October 31st

All day 0900-1930. Price NOK 2500 pr. day

3,5 hours at 11.45 - 15.15. Price NOK 2000 (not on days with cruise calls).

incl. fuel, insurance and free number of kilometers.

Child seat on request.

In 3.5 hours you can for example:
• Experience the Norwegian Nature Center and Vøringsfossen  waterfall (40 km round trip)
• Drive to Kjeåsen and enjoy the view (25 km round trip - remember hourly driving: driving up at a full hour, descending at half an hour).
• Drive to Storegjel (30 km round trip) and follow the path to the bottom of Vøringsfossen (1-1.5 h round trip)

Limited number of cars, advance booking is recommended.

Our cars:

Ford S-max  SV56275 – 2014 model, 7 seter, Automatic, Air Condition

Ford S-Max SV11390 -  2011 model, 7 seter, Automatic, Air Condition

Mercedes ML VH64512 – 2007 model, 5 seter Automatic, Air Condition

Mini Cooper– BS64252 – 2010 model, 4 seter, Manual, Air condition

Mini Cooper Cabriolet – DL29270 – 2006 model, Automatic, 4 seter, Air Condition

VW Golf  SU41488, 2007 model, Manual, 5 seter, Air condition