Get to know Hardanger and the locals, the "Harding"

The contrasts in Hardanger are great. No matter which direction you travel, you will discover one highlight after the other. The landscape in the region, which consists of the municipalities of Kvam, Kvinnherad, Ulvik, Eidfjord, and Ullensvang, is varied and difficult to describe in words. You have to experience it yourself and see it with your own eyes.

Here you will find information about what characterizes the so-called “Harding”, the inhabitants of Hardanger, and the region itself.

The second-longest fjord in Norway
The largest orchard in Norway

A region shaped by people and traditions

Get close to Hardanger and the "Harding" – that is what the local inhabitants are called. Get to know our region and our everyday life. Find out what to see, experience, and try when you visit us by following local insider tips.

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Get to know the "Harding"

Traditions are still strong in Hardanger. For generations, the locals have produced fruit and other specialties, worked with Hardanger embroidery and tourists. Gradually they perfected all this. The “Harding” has always seen opportunities, worked hard for them, and thus created extraordinary experiences for visitors at the same time. And today's Harding is no exception - even as we have evolved, our identity is still the same. In Hardanger, we maintain traditions and, as we have done for hundreds of years, we like to share the best that Norway has to offer with you.

Welcome to us!

On the picture: Olav Bleie
Fruit farmer and cider producer
The unique with Hardanger

Nature no one can compete with

From fjord to glacier, from apple to cider, or from water to electricity, Hardanger's contrasts are great, and the examples are numerous. There are only a few places in the world where you can go skiing and swim in the fjord on the same day. It is not without reason that the Hardangerfjord region has inspired tourists, artists, and writers for hundreds of years. The unique nature in Hardanger is simply breathtaking, and you have to experience it!

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The unique with Hardanger

Significant variations from season to season

Most people choose to visit Hardanger in spring or summer. Then, hundreds of thousands of fruit trees are blossoming, waterfalls are roaring at their loudest, and hiking trails, like the hike to Trolltunga, shine as bright as the sun. In autumn and winter, you will meet a Hardanger with an entirely different landscape. The apple blossom has become to juice and cider, the rushing waterfalls are frozen to ice, and hiking trails are covered by snow. But even though nature changes from season to season, the wow factor is the same. Experience the contrasts yourself! Hardanger is worth a visit at any time of the year.

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