Hæreid footpath

Enjoy a scenic, historical hike in nature from the centre of Eidfjord

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The yellow route / Hæreid round walk is a 5,5 km long walking path taking you on a scenic, historical tour surrounded by nature. Starting directly from the village centre, the tour takes you to the Eidfjord Lake, where you can enjoy the long, sandy beach or make a photo stop by the #Eidfjord frame. Thereafter you walk uphill for about 10 minutes to discover the Hæreid terrace where you will go back in time and see the burial mounds from the Iron-and Viking ages. Last stop on your hike is at the very scenic Hodna viewpoint, where you can enjoy the view of the town centre, fjord and mountains, as well as take a photo with another #Eidfjord frame. Return back to the center down the hill towards the fjord.

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Nature and terrain
Participants must bring