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Experience the magic of the Hardanger fjords, literary insights, and local culture aboard the Epos Book Boat. Book your unforgettable journey today!

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Discover the Literary Fjords of Hardanger on the Epos Book Boat

Summer 2024 brings a unique experience with the Epos Book Boat, sailing the scenic route from Rosendal to Norheimsund and Øystese. This enchanting journey runs every weekday, offering a round trip that perfectly aligns with Rødne's morning express boat from Bergen to Rosendal.

The Journey:

Step aboard the legendary Epos Book Boat for a serene day at sea in the heart of Hardanger. Departing from Rosendal, the cruise begins with a tranquil glide into the fjord, where you'll soak in the breathtaking surroundings. As a literary voyage, you’ll get the exclusive chance to view the hometown of Nobel Prize laureate Jon Fosse from the water.

Throughout the journey, savor local delicacies and beverages, and explore the on-board bookstore filled with treasures. The Epos makes its way to Norheimsund and Øystese, where you can disembark and indulge in the unique attractions each village offers before the return leg to Rosendal.

For those wishing to return to Bergen on the same day, a bus from Norheimsund is available. Alternatively, extend your adventure by staying overnight or for several days at one of the stops to fully immerse in the beauty and culture of Hardanger

This summer, embark on a memorable adventure with the Epos Book Boat, seamlessly connecting Rosendal, Norheimsund, and Øystese. Ideal for both a day trip and an extended exploration, this cruise offers a unique blend of literature, stunning fjord views, and local experiences.

Convenient Connections:

Departure & Return: The Epos departs from Rosendal, perfectly timed to connect with the boat from Bergen, allowing you to enjoy a round trip in one day. If you prefer to stay longer, an overnight in Norheimsund lets you continue deeper into the fjord the next day on Norled’s tourist boat, which aligns with The Fjords' route in Sørfjorden.

Travel from the Opposite Direction: Passengers can also start from Norheimsund and reach Rosendal for a holiday or continue toward Odda and other tourist routes, making the most of both sides of the fjord.

Season & Schedule:

The Epos Book Boat operates from June 15 to September 15.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

Rosendal: 10:50
Norheimsund: 14:00
Øystese: 14:20
Return from Øystese: 15:30
Norheimsund: 15:50
Rosendal: 19:00


Rosendal: 10:50
Strandebarm: 12:35
Norheimsund: 14:05
Øystese: 14:25
Return from Øystese: 15:30
Norheimsund: 15:50
Strandebarm: 17:20
Rosendal: 19:00

Practical Details:

Rosendal: Boarding and alighting are conveniently located next to the Rødne boat dock.

Norheimsund: Epos docks at the tourist boat pier and stays there between arrivals and departures, ensuring no overlap with Norled's schedule for a hassle-free experience.

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