Hardanger Bridge

The Hardangerbridge connects the south (at Bu) with the north side (at Vallavik) of the Hardangerfjord. On a separate foot- and bike path, you can cross the bridge by walking or cycling.



At Bu, there is a parking lot, with a nice viewpoint.

The Hardanger Bridge is 1380 meters long, and one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. At Bu (south end of the bridge) there is a parking and picnic area, public toilet and view point to the bridge, accessible to disabled people. At Vallavik (north end of the bridge) there is also a parking and a view point to the bridge.

You can walk or cycle across the bridge. The view from the bridge is excellent. Enjoy the breathtaking fjord landscape, or the construction itself: The main span is 1380 meters, the towers are 202 meters high, clearance below is 55 meters. The walk is also suitable with wheelchairs and baby strollers. However, the slopes from the parking areas to the bridge are a bit steep (especially from Bu and down to the bridge).

There is often a draft on the bridge, making it suitable for walking on warm summer days. During spring and autumn wearing warm clothes is recommended. During winter it can be icy and therefore slippery.

Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and motor cycles do not pay toll for the bridge.

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