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It is not difficult finding Ullensvang on a map, as it is Southern Norway's largest municipality measured by area. There are several ways of making your way to Ullensvang, including car, bus, train, boat or ferry.

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By car

You can easily reach Ullensvang by car. If you come from the East it is good to drive over Haukelifjell or Hardangervidda. If you come from Bergen it is a good option to take a car ferry from Tørvikbygd to Jondal. From the South (e.g. Haugesund/Stavanger) it is a good option to use E134 and stop by Langfoss waterfall along the way, or drive the National Tourist Route Ryfylke.

In Ullensvang you will find two of Norway's National Tourist Routes, which makes this a beautiful area to explore by car. One of the tourist routes runs along RV13 between Kinsarvik and Låtefoss waterfall, and the other runs between Utne and Jondal. Both roads are beutiful all year around, and particularly beautiful during the fruit flowering season in Spring.

By bus

There are several ways of getting to Ullensvang by bus, depending on where you are travelling from and where in Ullensvang you are headed to. There are buses from oslo, Stavanger/Haugesund, Bergen and Voss that are direct or corresponding with other buses to Ullensvang.

For buses from Oslo, Haugesund or Stavanger, check out Nor-way Busexpress:

For all public transport in this part of the county, check out Skyss:

Check out EnTur for all public transportation in Norway:

By passenger boat or car ferry

There are several options if you want to arrive in Ullensvang on the fjord. There are car ferries between Jondal and Tørvikbygd, and between Utne and Kvanndal. In the summer there is a tourist passenger ferry on the Hardangerfjord that starts in Norheimsund and corresponds with buses from Bergen. It is also possible to take the passenger ferry from Bergen to Rosendal, and then a bus onwards to Ullensvang.

For timetables for car ferries and passenger boats, check out Skyss:

By train

If you take the Bergensbana train between Oslo and Bergen you can depart the train at Voss or in Bergen and take the bus to Ullensvang. Check out for bus times and for train times.

By plane

The closest airport to Ullensvang with the most international and domestic departures is Flesland, Bergen. The airport in Haugesund can also be an option. Check out the other information on this page for how to get from Bergen or Haugesund to Ullensvang by car, bus, boat or ferry.

Travel around in Ullensvang

Travellling around Ullensvang by car, boat, bus or ferry are all great ways of exploring the municipality. If you travel by car you can stop whenever you want and take your time. Driving along the National Tourist Route Hardanger (RV13 and FV550) is highly recommended!

By public transport on land or on the fjord you can lean back and enjoy the beautiful nature of Ullensvang and Hardanger. For departures on local buses, boats and ferries, check out You can use the travel planner on the Skyss website to find departures and travel routes.

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