Local marketplace Handelslaget

The shop features a range of locally produced and crafted products, such as woven and knit textiles, tasty treats and stunning pieces of pottery. You can also browse the works of local glassblower Syse Glas, and catch a glimpse of several pieces of Ulvik history in the store.


Handelslaget is a marketplace for local artisans, displaying a range of items such as antique goods, cozy knit items, delicately woven runners, tasty treats, and natural soaps and cosmetics. Additionally, you may witness and shop the crafted goods of the local glassblower Silje Syse (you may even see her at work in her workshop!). The marketplace has been a staple in Ulvik's downtown landscape for several years, with an ever-shifting assortment of local goods and delicacies to choose from. The marketplace was the former grocery store COOP, which has now switched locations. Remnants of the past still remain deeply embedded in the interior, and other historical artifacts such as the bridal bunad and the Mindelheim-sword are also at display in the venue. 


Drop by Handelslaget and pick up a unique souvenir for your journey, or sample the local artistry at the heart of Ulvik.