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Autumn in Eidfjord

Autumn in Eidfjord and at the Hardangervidda mountain plateau is a beautiful time. This is basically the best time for hiking at the Hardangervidda, which shows itself in its nicest colours, before the snow arrives and the skiing season starts

In Eidfjord, we have autumn activities for both families with children, the active and for those who love hiking, seniors and those interested in culture. Here you can take the children on shorter and longer hikes, preferably with a break in one of the open huts and barbecue areas in the area. Fishing in the fjord is free all year round. If the weather is not at its best, we also have indoor activities such as the Norwegian Nature Center, the Viking exhibition at Tunet på Haugen, Trebua and Gallery Bergslien. If you want activities on the fjord, you can, for example, book a RIB tour with Hardanger Fjordsafari or a guided kayak trip with Best Adventures (must be booked in advance).

Do the scenic round walk by the Vøringsfossen waterfall, including both the old bridge and the new, spectacular step bridge.

Take a trip up to the famous Kjeåsen mountain farm, where "no one could believe that anyone could live". Here you get the best fjord view in Eidfjord. If you want to burn off some energy, you can hike up the steep path, where you have great views all the way. If you are a bit more leisurely, you can drive up to enjoy the view, feel free to bring some food, here you can have a "picnic with a view" down on the edge above the fjord. Because of the narrow road, hourly driving has been introduced. Traffic up to Kjeåsen every full hour, traffic down from Kjeåsen every half hour.

Norwegian Nature Center Hardanger is a modern nature and cultural history experience center for the whole family, located in Øvre Eidfjord. Here you will find three floors with engaging exhibitions about Norwegian nature, climate and environment, and a modern cinema where the spectacular panoramic film "Fjord Fjell Foss" is shown. The Norwegian Nature Center is also the official visitor center for the Hardangervidda National Park.

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