Hardangervidda from Eidfjord

Hjølmadalen in Øvre Eidfjord, Tinnhølvegen by Dyranut, and a long stretch along Route 7 across Hardangervidda are all gateways to the national park.


An 11km long toll road will give access to Tinnhølen. The terrain is flat and gentle, and destinations like Finse and Haukeli can be easily reached both summer and winter. Please be aware that the bridges are not in place until the beginning of July. High water level in rivers can render crossing difficult prior to bridges being put in place. The boat into Halnefjorden (see under adventures) is an excellent alternative, as you can start the hike from the Eidfjord region. Maps with information on routes can be purchased from the Tourist Offices. You can also visit the link named Hiking in Hardangervidda for several hiking suggestions under the activities menu on top.