Dyranut - Hedlo – Sandhaug – Dyranut

Dyranut - Hedlo – Sandhaug – Dyranut, a 3 day hut to hut hike at the Hardangervidda.

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Feel free to start or end the tour with an overnight stay or a meal at Dyranut Fjellstova or Dyranut Turisthytta

1st leg:

Dyranut – Hedlo, 23 km
Start the hike at Dyranut. Go south towards Nybu, continue west through Bjoreidalen valley, via Tverrgavlen and Dyresminne. Continue past Haraldshaugane and through Hedlebotnane to Hedlo.

Stay overnight at Hedlo Mountain Lodge

2nd leg:

Hedlo – Sandhaug, 27.8 km:
Go south along the river Veig with lovely fishing and swimming spots, on the east side of Rjotemyrane to Rjoto. Go over the bridge and on to the path-crossing to Hadlaskard. Continue south-east up between Rjupehaug and Trongaskardnutane and through Hallaskar. Southwards to the path-crossing to Bjoreidalen-Hadlaskard and through Låghellerskaret. New path-crossing to Hadlaskard south-east of Grananuten. Go east over the Sørfjordingrindane. Another path-crossing to Besso on Vierslahæ. Further south-east on the north side of Nordmannslågen over Grønahæ, on the bridge over Nordåna, over Hestaleitet and Holmsbuhallet to Sandhaug.

Stay overnight at Sandhaug Turisthytte

3rd leg:

Sandhaug – Dyranut, 23.4 km:
Go up on east side of Trondavadnutane, further on west of Reinsmyrtjørna, through Eiriksbudalen valley. Cross the bridge over the Snero river and continue along the carriageway. The T-route takes off to the left from the carriageway approx. 1 km after the bridge. Shortly after there’s a path-crossing towards Trondsbu, Tinnhylen and Stigstuv. Continue on at the west side of Hellehalsen and Gunnarshaug. The path goes down into the Bjoreidalen valley to the bridge at Nybu. Path-crossing to Bjoreidalen and Stigstuv on the north side of the river and to Hedlo and Hadlaskard on the south side. Walk up the east side of Nybunuten, along the west end of Vetle Skiftessjøen lake and further up to Dyranut by the Route 7.

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