Waterfalls in Hardanger

Welcome to the kingdom of waterfalls

The Hardangerfjord region is also known as "the kingdom of waterfalls," and it is not without reason. In Hardanger, you will find several of the most spectacular waterfalls Norway has to offer.

Waterful facts
Several of the waterfalls in Hardanger are among the most popular tourist destinations in Norway?

For us Norwegians, it is easy to see us blind to our beautiful nature. The steep mountains, long fjords, and rushing waterfalls are something we all really appreciate. Still, it is also something we see "every day." And what is normal for us, tourists come from all over the world to experience Hardanger. Because just as there is a difference between people, there is a big difference between the waterfalls. If you really take the time to stop and experience a waterfall, it is hard not to be enchanted by the sight and forces at work.


Most waterfalls are easily accessible by car and are located along Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger and Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda. Steinsdalsfossen and Vøringsfossen are good examples. The first is truly spectacular, as you can walk safe and dry under the waterfall itself and experience the forces of nature up close. You cannot do that at Vøringsfossen, but that does not make it any less spectacular. They have a step-bridge that goes over the waterfall, which has a fall of 182 meters!

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