Gorsbolten in Seljestadjuvet

A view with guaranteed WOW-effect! The spectacular Gorsbolten in Seljestadjuvet offers a massive view towards the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, Folgefonna National Park and the Røldal mountains. This is a hidden gem among the Hardanger mountains.


In Seljestadjuvet in Røldal you´ll find Gorsbolten, a hidden gem among the Hardanger mountains. With tremendous views towards Hardangervidda mountain plateau, Folgefonna glacier and the Røldal mountain range Gorsbolten guarantees to leave a WOW-effect when you reach the viewpoint at the top. Røldal might be most famous for its massive snow amounts during winter but when the snow melts at summertime endless of hiking possibilities appear. The four-kilometer-long hike to Gorsbolten starts from Eskjeflota parking lot, which is the highest point at the old road crossing Røldal mountain plateau.

The hike is estimated to 1 hour and 40 minutes and is graded as a challenging hike due to its steep ascent of 358 meters at the start. Eventually the trail turns left and the rest of the hike towards Gorsbolten is a relatively easy walk. On the right side of the trail you´ll see some massive cliffs you´d never imagine anyone wandering into. But believe it or not, in these cliffs Røldal Freeride Challenge is arranged every winter – a skiing contest where freeriders from all over the world come to frolic in the powder paradise! The rest of the hike follows an unmarked path until you reach the mighty viewpoint of Gorsbolten. Return the same way as you hiked up. 

Starting point: Drive to Røldal mountain plateau and onto the old road until you reach Eskjeflota parking lot.  

Total climb: 358 meters

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Season (normal year): July to mid-September