The Poetry Path

A roundtrip well suited for baby strollers with benches and poems along the trail.

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Poestien - "The poetry path" 

Starting point

Drive from Jondal towards Folgefonna glacier. After approximately 8 km you arrive at a crossroads where one road continues towards the glacier and the other road leads to Krossdalen and Flatabø. By the crossroad there is an information board on the right hand side, just before the toll road for the glacier starts. You can park by this road junction or you can cross the bridge, drive ca. 0,9 km and park by the old scool building at Kvåle.

About the trail

The poetry path is a 6,1 km rountrip on roads and farm roads around the village of Øvre Krossdalen. Since this is a roundtrip you can choose where you want to start the walk and which direction you want to walk in. There is an information board with a map by the road junction to Folgefonna glacier. In a box at the old Kvåle school building you will find a guest book where you can write your name. Along the trail you will find mounted poems at all the resting places. This hike is suitable for baby wheelers etc. A short section of the route is on a farm road, but otherwise the trail is on firm ground.

The poetry path hike is possible to do throughout the year, but during the winter there are parts which are not cleared of snow. 

Parking: free
Length: 6,3 km
Total walking time: 2,5 hours
Season: All year 
Difficulty: Blue, medium