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Curious about how to reach Ulvik? No problem! Whether you are arriving by boat, bus, car or foot, there’s always a way to reach Ulvik. Click here to read more about how to make your way over.


They saying is, «All roads lead to Rome” and Ulvik is no exception. Situated in the nook of the Hardanger-fjord, you may think it’s tricky to get here. But rest assured; making your way to Ulvik is a piece of cake – whether you’re arriving on four wheels, two, by boat or by foot.

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By car

If you are arriving from Eidfjord or Odda, you may take road 572 across the Hardanger-bridge. Take a right in the roundabout towards Ulvik, and follow the road along the fjord. If you are arriving from Voss or Nordheimsund, you can either take road 572 through Granvin and over Espelandsdalen, or the same road through Vallaviktunellen and along the fjord.


By bus

Arrivals from Voss, Norheimsund, Eidfjord or Odda may take bus number 925, 945, 980 or 990 towards Ulvik. Keep in mind that certain bus routes may include a transfer in Granvin or Bu. For more information, see www.skyss.no


By boat

During the summer season, NORLED ferry runs between Norheimsund and Eidfjord, stopping in Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik and Ulvik. For more information, see www.norled.no

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By bike

For those arriving from Eidfjord or Odda, ride across the Hardangerbridge. A bicycle track runs outside the tunnel Vallaviktunellen. Follow road 572 along the fjord towards Ulvik. Be mindful of 790 meter long Torgilsbergtunellen tunnel, which does not have a designated bicycle path. Arrivals from Voss or Norheimsund may follow route 572 through Granvin and over Espelandsdalen.


By foot

Ulvik is a mecca for hiking trails, connected to a handful of other towns for those arriving in hiking boots. Starting in Granvin, you may follow the old Postal route. The trail is 4 hours long and of medium difficulty. Hikers from Hallingskeid can walk across the mountain platau along Osaskavlen towards the summer pasture farm Ossete in Osa. Follow the marked trail from the farm down Norddalen valley to arrive by the Osa fjord. For more information about the trails, see www.ut.no

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