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Blossoming fruitfarms, towering mountains and glistening fjords beckon you in for some of the most Instagrammable views Hardanger has to offer. Click here to find out where you can catch the best views in Ulvik.


Ulvik has, without a doubt, some of the most picturesque views in the world. Its tall, snow-clad mountains and indigo fjords are like made for Instagram, and wherever you go, is like taken straight of a postcard. Make sure to catch some of the best views during your stay here – here are five of the most memorable viewpoints throughout Ulvik.


From the heights of Ulvik

Travellers to or from Granvin have the chance to get spellbound by the spectacular view from one of the heights of Ulvik. Follow road 572 towards Espelandsdalen and slowly ascend the hills of Ulvik. The view from Bergo gives you the classic panoramic Norway view. Gaze upon the fjord seeping in between the tall mountains and witness the roads curling down the steep, green hills between houses and farms.


From Rossvoll

Witness the view that has inspired a range of renowned poet Olav H. Hauge’s works. Visit his farmyard and catch a glimpse of the classic fjord view overlooking Ulvik and the fjord. You will quickly realize why this view was the source of some of his most known works. For those looking to learn more about Hauge, tours in the poet’s home are also available.

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From Vambheim and Frystetjørn

For those looking to connect with the nature, the road along Vambheim towards Frystefjørn offers some remarkable views away from the hustle and bustle. From road 572 towards Ulvik, take a left right before the bridge by Hardanger Gjestehus. The road is asphalted before switching to a gravel road, and is suitable for both driving and hiking.


From the fruit- and ciderroute

The view as you stroll along Apalvegen street by the fruit- and ciderfarms is nothing short of dazzling. Not only do you get a great view among the blossoming apple trees, but you also get a cozy view over the bay of Ulvik and the small island Snauholmen. If you’re looking for an even better view of the fjord, follow the trail Jobykse/Liavegen for a panoramic view over the Osa fjord.


From the summer pasture farm Ossete

Reconnect with the pure, idyllic Norwegian nature by making your way to Osa, up Norddalen valley and towards summer pasture farm Ossete. As you make your ascent, you will be rewarded with world-class views among the narrow mountain valley along waterfall Røykjafossen seeping into the glassy Osa fjord. Click! Straight to Instagram!

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