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During your stay in Ulvik, you might just need something beyond a place to stay and something to do – perhaps your car broke down, or you’re in need of medical assistance? Check this list for various services Ulvik has to offer.

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Medical care and pharmacuticals

The local doctor’s office can be found in Skeiesvegen 7. It is open on weekdays between 8:30 AM and 4 PM. Urgent care beyond the opening hours can be found at Voss hospital – please call +47 116117 or +47 56 53 04 30. A selection of OTC pharmaceuticals can be found at Coop Prix.



If you are strapped for cash, you may head on over to Ulvik Tourist Office in Tyssevikvegen 9-11. On the exterior wall, an ATM can be accessed. Ulvik does not have a regular bank branch anymore – other bank services can be found at Voss.

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Gas station and mechanics

Whether you’re in need of more gas, oil, air or other car-related items, Ulvik Bensin and Service at Espelandsvegen 20 can be of assistance. They also offer mechanical services with opening hours on weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM. For those arriving by boat, service-facilities are available at Den Grøne Kafé, and a gas station for boats is located on Hjeltneskaia (the Hjeltnes pier) parallel to Ulvik pier.


Charging EVs

If you’re looking to re-charge your electric vehicle, you may find the charging station by Coop Prix at Skeiesvegen 19. The charging station has 1 50 kW CCS charger and one 50 kW CHAdeMO charger.

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