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Kvam can offer countless activities and a rich range of taste experiences.

Did you know?
Kvam is only one hour from Bergen?

Farm food

Bjørketeigen farm
Pleasant cafe in the renovated smokehouse on the farm. The premises are spacious and suitable for groups and events and have space for 20-30 people.

Breivne Gard
Farm sale with berry and fruit drinks, jam, jelly and seasonal berries. Self-picking of berries, tastings and guided tours by appointment.

Gamlastovo Farm Restaurant
Gamlastovo on Fykse is one of Hardanger's most unique, genuine, intimate farm restaurants. The farm has a sausage factory and offers guests tastings and the opportunity to buy local meat products.

Hardanger Brewery

Hardanger Brewery is a newly started brewery located in Mathuset in Øystese. "Skummesalen" in the same building remains open at announced times.

Haust Hardanger
Specialist in dried apples, pears and plums from their farm. Dried fruit is an ingredient in biscuits, cakes, and chutneys.

Kvamskogen Landhandleri
At Kvamskogen Landhandleri, you get everything you need for groceries and much more.

Orchard on Valland between Norheimsund and Øystese. In the farm shop, they sell home-produced apple juice and jams of various kinds.

Gamlastovo spekjemat

Cafe and restaurants

Feng Yuan Chinese Restaurant
Chinese restaurant in the centre of Norheimsund. Open all days.
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Kafé Hjørnet

Café in the center of Norheimsund.
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Kafé Krus

Café in Øystese
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Kaffimat is a cafe in Straumen Senter in Norheimsund.
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La Fiesta

La Fiesta is an Italian pizza restaurant with various a la carte dishes and salads.
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Sånn mat

A restaurant with genuine Thai food in the centre of Norheimsund!

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Linda Lid ceramics
Linda Lid combines aesthetics with functionality when she makes ceramics from stoneware and porcelain. She burns the work for three days in a large brick oven to achieve the unique aesthetic you get from a wood fire. Open all summer. Get in touch by phone to arrange a visit.

Telephone: 480 79 468
Email: lindalid71@gmail.com

The Gramophone Museum in Øystese

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 11:00–16:00
Saturday: 11:00–15:00

Contact us on tel. 414 42 783 for an appointment outside regular opening hours

Hardanger Golf Club

The course at Hardanger Golf Club is idyllically located on Børve in Øystese, with a view of the Hardangerfjord. The club has a small clubhouse that is not staffed, a driving range of 200 meters and six holes.

Golf 8