Sjel & Gane restaurant and bar

Fine dining in the center of Eidfjord, culinary cooking with local ingredients in one of Eidfjord oldest houses. Sjel og Gane or Heggjagarden as it is originally named, was completely renovated and opened during fall of 2016.

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Chef Arthur bought the house from Eidfjord municipality during winter of 2015. Then he folded up his sleeves and embarked on a house that more or less was falling apart. But with some courage, work inspiration and a little adhd, chef Arthur already had a ready plan for the house.

Parts of the house which is one of Eidfjord's oldest (300 years) is also the first guest house and beer tapestry in Eidfjord. The house was a hub for transport between Oslo / Bergen and others. People came by boat from Bergen and stayed here overnight before traveling with horse and cart further east and vice versa.

Before the national road was built there was an English garden in front of the house right down to the fjord.

In recent times the house has roomed both a post office and a residence. Today, the house includes a restaurant, bar and party facilities. We have a Cognacloft / cookbook library on the 3rd floor and a «watering hole» in the basement.

Our food!

On the menu you will find dishes that chef Arthur thinks are the best from the season!

With love of food, the dishes are assembled in a simple but thoughtful way.

Here you’ll find local produce as much as possible. Self-caught seafood, herbs and vegetables and berries from our own garden. We also smoke our own products and produce everything from fish and shellfish.

Drinks to complement the food!

In addition to imported wines from France, Spain and Italy, we have sourced locally produced drinks, as well as self-pressed apple juice from our own garden. Cider and apple juice from Hardanger is in my opinion world class!

With these words I wish you a nice experience here with us!

Chef Arthur




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