Fyksesund Rib Fjord Safari - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the magic and mystique of a RIB safari through the narrowest part of the Hardangerfjord - Fyksesund



The Fyksesund fjord is the only fjord branch of the Hardangerfjord without a road to the end, and it truly feels like travelling back in time when you explore this magical fjord arm.

Together with Hardangerfjord Adventure the tour starts from Øystese, and goes out to the main fjord before we go into the fjord branch Fyksesund. Inside Fyksesund, you will be surrounded by steep mountains up to 1000 meters high where the captain and guide will stop at several places to let you take in this unique fjord landscape, and to give you fascinating facts about the fjord and the people who used to live along the fjord.

Fyksesund is also a great place with countless waterfalls that we drive up to and you will feel the spray of the falls up close. At the end of the fjord arm, we stop outside the roadless and authentic cultural landscape of the village Botnen - a geographically isolated local community with a historic and wide cultural contact with the outside world.

This RIB safari to Fyksesund is a magical and interesting experience for all - an adventure in some of the most beautiful fjord landscapes in Norway. Along the way, you will safely feel the power of our RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) giving you wind in your hair and adrenaline in your blood.


Season: May-September