Hardangerfjord og Fyksesund fjord safari from Norheimsund

Experience the adrenaline rush as you speed along steep mountain sides and into roadless villages on a RIB safari on the Hardangerfjord.



The tour from Norheimsund takes you out on the Hardangerfjord where we pass the island Kvamsøy before heading into the Fyksesund fjord branch - the narrowest part of the Hardangerfjord.

Fyksesund is the only fjord branch of the Hardangerfjord without a road connection, and the last 5 km of the 10.5 km-long fjord runs between steep mountain sides to the hamlet Botnen - a geographically isolated community with significant cultural contact to the outside world.

On this adrenaline-filled RIB tour, the guide will stop several times to let you enjoy this unique fjord landscape. You will hear interesting facts about the fjord and the people who used to live along the fjord. Fyksesund is also a great place with countless waterfalls that we drive right up to, and you will feel the waterfall spray up close. Remember to have your camera ready to capture this unforgettable experience.

Join us on a RIB safari and experience the Hardangerfjord in a unique way. This tour will give you memories for life! So why not bring your family or friends and experience some of Norway's most beautiful nature together?


Season: January to November