The hike to Krokavatnet in Norheimsund is an easy and accessible hike that offers a stunning view over the Hardangerfjord.


The hike to Krokavatnet is an easy and accessible hike and offers a stunning view over the Hardangerfjord and surrounding mountains. The trail is 2.3 km long and takes approximately 1.5 hours one way. This is a moderately difficult hike with a total elevation gain of 192 meters. The hike is available from April/May to October.

Starting point: Follow Rv.49 from Norheimsund towards Tørvikbygd. After approximately 1 km from the center, turn right towards Tveit. There are no parking facilities here, but you can pay a road fee of 75 kr and drive on the gravel road to Solhaug (end of the road). If you do not want to pay the road fee, you can park at Norheimsund Stadium and walk up Sandvenslia (it is not possible to drive to Solhaug in the winter).

At the parking lot at Solhaug, follow the trail along the pipeline. The hike goes steadily uphill with some steep sections, and after reaching the top of the pipeline, the trail turns right over a bog and over a small bridge. Here, the trail continues and you will have Krokavatnet on your left side. At Krokavatnet, cross the old dam and you will reach the day cabin, Kvilekroken. If the water level in Krokavatnet is high, you may experience that the water runs over the edge of the old dam. In that case, the alternative is to continue down the gravel road and walk to the cabin underneath the dam.