Welcome to Jonatunet for conferences, meetings, family gatherings and celebrations.



The Hardanger Academy is one of many organizations in several countries trying to expand the knowledge, and understanding of the preconditions for peace and the paths to peace in our compex reality. The Hardanger Academy is the initiator of the Jonatun project - but the can only succed in a collaboration with partners and organizations.

Highly located in the terrain, with sun and views of the fjord, Jonatunet is beautifully situated in the centre of the fjord village Jondal. The listed building from 1934 houses accomodation rooms of various sizes, a library, a café / dining room, a meeting and teaching rooms, and more. A stay at the Hardanger Academy in Jonatunet is well suited for conferences, seminars, courses, retreats, family gatherings and anniversary celebrations. Rental for groups 10 - 60 people. Welcome!