Guided glacier hike at Buarbreen glacier - Hardanger Breføring

Family-friendly guided glacier hike on Buarbreen in Hardanger. A fun experience consisting of glaciers, rock formations and scenic nature in Odda, Hardanger.

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Join Hardanger Breføring on a guided tour on Buarbreen Glacier. Like a true adventurer, starting from the National Park Farm, you follow the 1.5-hour path through nature and forests, along rivers and over the suspension bridge on your way to the top. With the glacier insight along the entire trail, the motivation is at its peak before reaching the blue ice yourself.

At the glacier plateau, you'll meet your guide, which provides and adjusts the necessary equipment, level and pace, before the real adventure begins. The glacier tour on the 5.000-year-old glacier is suitable for both adults and children over the age of 10, and is an activity for families with children, teenagers, adults, couples, singles, or everyone in between. Among icebergs and glacier formations, this is a fun and varied trip for everyone. Parking options are good and cost 150 kroner NOK - regardless of the length of the stop.

The trip requires no prior knowledge. Included in the price of 595 per person, you get a guide, the necessary equipment, some great experiences, and your safety ensured. The tour is available every day during July and August, departing at 11 and 15.

After the trip, you follow the same road down to The National Park Farm at Buer, which by the way, in its self is worth a visit.

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