Hereiane - a unique, rocky landscape

A hike through unique, rocky landscape with fantastic views over the village of Herand.

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Starting point 

100 meters north of the picnic area at Hereiane, 3 km south of Herand along route 550.

About the trail 

Hike to Haugsvarden from Hereiena. Most of the hike takes place on bare rock, so it might be slippery when wet. Excellent views on the way up. The last part at the top goes through forests with small lakes and marshes. From Haugsvarden you can see down to Herand.

Since most of this hike is on bare rock, you should not do the hike if it is very wet, snow or frost on the ground. The bare rock gets very slippery then. 

Parking: At the picnic area and restrooms – a project by National Tourist Routes.
Parking fee: free
Length: 5 km
Total ascent: 370 meters
Total walking time: 3 hours
Season (average year): May - October





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