The river path along the river Opo is a great walking trail in Odda that suits all difficulty levels. The walk is on a wide gravel path that goes from the fjord to the Sandvinvatnet lake, offering varied landscapes along the way.

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If you’re looking for an easy walk in Odda, the river path is an accessible alternative. You can choose if you want to start by the fjord or by the Sandvinvatnet lake, and you can make the walk longer if you want to. In this description we describe the walk starting by the fjord, but the level of difficulty is very similar if you start by the lake.

If you start the walk by the fjord you can park in the centre of Odda next to the church (Almerket). To get to the river path you can either walk towards the caravan park (located by the fjord) or walk over the pedestrian bridge you can see from the Almerket car park. 

Most of the path is along the river Opo, which flooded in 2014. The flood led to enormous damages in Odda, and the river path was built as a safety measure after the flood. Today the path is enjoyed by the local community and others who want to go for a walk in Odda. The whole path is lighted up after dark, which makes this a great walk all year!

The walk takes about 30-45 minute each way depending on how fast you walk and how many photo stops you make along the way. You will pass the old industrial site called “Smelteverkstomta". You can go on a self-guided tour of the site, as you will find information signs on the buildings.

You will have to walk up one hill, and at the top you will be rewarded with great views of Odda and the fjord. You will also find some benches here if you want to enjoy the view or catch your breath.

From the view point you cross the road RV13 by the pedestrian crossing and head towards the path leading to the lake. The gravel path continues along the lake, all the way to Trolltunga Camping. You will find several benches and photo opportunities along the lake, in addition to Norway's largest rock located at Trolltunga Camping. On a hill above the camping you will find an outdoor recreational area called Hovden.

To get back to the fjord you can retrace your steps or choose a different route. A tip is to cross the bridge over to Trolltunga Hotel and follow the road from here down towards the fjord. This road is parallel to the river path, but on the other side of the river. By the hotel you also have the option of hiking “the cultural trail” by going uphill into the forest. Keep in mind that this makes the walk more demanding and requires footwear that is suited for forest terrain (it can be muddy in places).

Season: all year
Time: 1-1,5 hours 
Level of difficulty:
Green, easy