Trolltunga Autumn Go Viking - Trolltunga Active

Experience the raw and enchanting Norwegian autumn in the Hardangerfjord with an autumn hike to one of the world's most epic rock formations, Trolltunga.



Embark on an adventure to Trolltunga with Trolltunga Active and experience golden sunsets, warm autumn landscapes, crisp air, and misty surroundings. Depending on the weather conditions, you may even get to see Trolltunga adorned in its winter suit, with snow in the air, and a half-frozen Ringedalsvatnet lake underneath.


Practical info:

- Starting point: P2 parking in Skjeggedal. Meeting time: 7.30 am

- Estimated duration: 8-12 hours

- Distance: 20-28 km

- Elevation gain: 800-1200 meters

- Level of difficulty: Expert

- Lower age limit: 15 years

*A minimum of 2 participants is required for the hike to run

Please note that this hike requires good physical condition and is not suitable for those with troublesome knees.


What’s included?

- Hiking poles

- Free transport to meeting point provided by Trolltunga Hotel (as a part of accommodation at the hotel)

- Transport from P2 to P3 and back (if weather allows it)

- Experienced guide that ensures safety, good vibes and local history

- Micro spikes or snowshoes if needed

- Pictures: The guides will help you take pictures the entire hike

Special photos with the “needle” view on Trolltunga available only on guided tours (when weather conditions allow rappelling down)


Weather conditions:

Norwegian autumn weather is unpredictable and can change from minute to minute. The weather conditions have a great impact on how easy or hard the hike gets, and temperature can be deceiving as the wind plays an important role in how cold it feels. The hike almost never gets cancelled due to harsh weather (only if the conditions are dangerous), so prepare to hike in all types of weather. A general thumb rule is: Prepare for the worst conditions but do not overload your backpack, weight matter greatly with regards to saving energy.

Icy conditions might make ut unsafe to walk out on Trolltunga, but in that case guides will ensure that you get the best alternative viewpoints and photo spots.

Please note that the weather conditions greatly affect the hike's difficulty, and you should inform your guide of any medical conditions that might impact you during the hike or in an emergency. We recommend attending the information meeting at Trolltunga Hotel at 9 pm the night before your hike.


Clothing and packing list:

- Dress in layers so that it is easy to adjust clothing based on temperature and weather conditions.

- Layer up with a woolen base layer, a warm mid layer, wind- and waterproof shell jacket and pants (do not use cotton - it is freezing cold when it’s wet)

- Wear sturdy, waterproof and warm hiking boots

- Warm woolen socks and spare socks in your backpack

- Beanie or warm headband

- Gloves/mittens

- Sunglasses and or/googles

- Sunscreen

- Headlamp

- Bring a backpack with approx. 40 liters capacity, and that has space for micro spikes and snowhoes if necessary

- Pack at least double the amount of food you would eat on a normal day, along with 2 liters of water

- A thermos with hot water is recommended.




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