The most popular destination in Norway?

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When travel restrictions were introduced in 2020, Norwegians quickly replaced their international travel plans with vacations in their home country. In 2020, Norwegians discovered their own country, and many took a trip to Hardanger - not without reason.


If we may say that ourselves - Hardanger combines all the best that Norway has to offer. With almost inexhaustible possibilities, you can fill both shorter and longer stays with many exciting experiences. There is something for everyone here, be it for yourself, a family, or a group of friends. In the years to come, we expect that more and more Norwegians will visit the Hardangerfjord region.

Are you one of those who did not make it to Hardanger last year? Do not despair – also the next season will bring many good reasons to visit the region! A good tip, however, is to be out early with bookings. Here are two of the most spectacular things to do in Hardanger:


Out for a hike: Trolltunga - the most famous rock formation in the region - is an icon. It is easy to understand why people from all over the world travel to Hardanger to experience the Trolltunga. However, the length and difficulty of the hike are often underestimated. Make sure you have enough time (8-12 hours) for this adventure. Prepare well and bring enough food, warm clothing, good hiking boots, and other necessary equipment with you. The best hiking experience you will get when doing a guided tour. Inexperienced hikers should definitely book a guided tour, but it is also recommended for more experienced hikers. Whether you go with or without a guide, the hike to Trolltunga will be a unique experience you will not regret. It is not easy to describe this tour with words - you just have to experience it for yourself.


Noble drinks: Will there be no wine tasting in France this year either? Well, Hardanger has the solution. The region is known for many things, but the tasty apples are the very best. And good apples become good cider! For hundreds of years, here in Hardanger, apples have been harvested, pressed, and processed into apple cider. Hardanger cider, which is becoming increasingly popular, is a high-quality, awarded product. If you are lucky, you will meet the cider farmer himself, giving you a lot of background information about the Hardanger cider and its history.

These are just a few of the many exciting activities and attractions you will find in Hardanger. Here you get a complete overview of the many options.

Do not forget to book your accommodation!

In Hardanger, there are varied accommodation options. You can choose whether you want to stay in a tree-top cabin or at the Hardanger Fjord Lodge, focussing on recycling and the environment. Or maybe you would prefer a luxurious alternative with modern facilities? With around 100 different accommodation options, you will find something for everyone's needs and budget. In the summer season, rooms will be fully booked quickly, so book as soon as possible!

Do you need help with planning your stay in Hardanger? You will find many suggestions on our homepage (look for inspirations). You may also contact one of the local tourist information offices in the region. Welcome!

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