This 1-3 hour long family-friendly hike gives you Ulvik at a glimpse; The Fruit and Cider route, a panoramic view over Ulvik and a spectacular viewpoint over the Osafjord.

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This family-friendly hike above the fruit and cider route offers some spectacular views over both Ulvik its fjords. The hike leads you to the edge of Jobykse with its panoramic view over the stretched Osa-fjord. Starting at Tunheim, the circular forest-trail takes one hour. If you start in Ulvik town center, the hike totals at about three hours and is 9 kilommeters long. The total ascent is 300 meters.


Directions: Follow the signs to the Fruit- and ciderroute. Take the gravel road to the left with signs pointing to Jonstølen and Liavegen/Jobykse. Follow the marked trail all the way around. For those looking for a longer hike, we recommend connecting the hike to the Åsen trail on the other side of the main road.