Hjølmaberget - Vivelid or Hedlo - Stavali

This part of the Hardangervidda is a gem with its changing landscape, and its rich and varied fauna and flora.

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From the car park at Hjølmaberget, it is approx. 1.5 hours to Vivelid and Vivelid fjellstova, and approx. 3 hours (15 km) to Hedlo and Hedlo Mountain Lodge.

From Vivelid to Hedlo you cross the bridge over the Veig river. Continue south to the path-crossing to Berastøldalen/Hjølmadalen and Liseth on the east side of the river. Cross the river Fljoto on a bridge. Continue south up between Kjeseshovden and Hellehamrane and down to Veig and along the river to Hedlo.

You can hike to Stavali from both Vivelid or from Hedlo.

From Vivelid to Stavali
(16.3 km. Approx. 6 hours' hike)

From Vivelid fjellstova to Stavali, you go from the forest border to the high mountain without the biggest uphills. Beautiful nature with good fishing opportunities along the way. You follow the T-marked path up the valley path past Vivhellerhamrane and past Vivheller, Skinnfjellet mountain and past Lonavatnet lake, over Tverrelvi crossing two bridges and up to Stavali.

From Hedlo to Stavali via Langavatnet.
(17.8 km. Approx. 6 hours` hike)

Cross the bridge over the Veig river just south of Hedlo. Up to the cairn at Nuhaugane. Further on west to Finnabu and here the path splits to Hadlaskard and Stavali along Peisabotnen. Further northwest past Langavatnet lake to the trail section to Viveli and then further down to Lonavatnet lake. Along the north side of the lake to the path-crossing to Ullensvang and Torehytten and then over the Tverrelvi river on two bridges and up to Stavali. Feel free to stay overnight or have a meal at Hedlo Mountain Lodge.


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