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Fjord Experiences in Hardanger

Fjord safaris with farm visits, private fjord cruises, speedy rib boat rides, meditative kayaking – With 179 km of fjord there are plenty of adventures to explore on the Hardangerfjord.

Did you know that?
The Hardangerfjord is Norway's second longest fjord?
The Hardangerfjord is located to Norway's third largest glacier, Folgefonna?
The Hardangerfjord was one of the first places in Norway to welcome tourists back in the 19th century?
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The Hardangerfjord is stunning to admire from land, but there is something unique about seeing the grand fjord and mountain ladscape tower on both sides from the middle of the fjord. In the past, the fjord served as the main transportation route in Hardanger, and one had to row to get around. Although the road network has improved since then, the fjord is still a perfect alternative for traveling in Hardanger.

A popular travel option for sightseeing is Norled's tourist boat route, which operates throughout the summer season. The boat departs from Norheimsund and stops at Herand, Utne, Kinsarvik, Lofthus, Ulvik, and Eidfjord. This is an inexpensive option for transportation but is also a great sightseeing alternative. In Eidfjord, the boat makes a longer stop before returning to Norheimsund the same route. This makes it easy to explore other parts of Hardanger, as you can simply hop back on the boat during the return, or the following day if you want to spend the night.

For instance, a family can take the boat from Norheimsund to Kinsarvik to visit Mikkelparken amusement park. The boat also corresponds with buses, making it easy to get around in Hardanger. It is also simple to reach Norheimsund by bus and then travel further into Hardanger with the tourist boat route. If you are traveling from Bergen it is possible to buy tickets to the tourist boat with bus tickets from Bergen to Norheimsund included.

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Another option if you are traveling from Bergen is the Hardangerfjord Express, taking you to Rosendal in Hardanger. The boat runs all year around, and departs from Bergen city center. The Hardangerfjord Express also stops at Flesland Bergen Airport, making it easy to fly to Bergen and get to Hardanger via the boat. The mountain landscape that appears when entering Rosendal is breathtaking and truly falls under the definition of national romanticism. These mountains offer a bunch of great panoramic hikes, and if the mountains aren't enough Rosendal also got places like the barony with its beautiful flower garden, G Guddal art gallery, where modern art is showcased in a national romantic setting, and the interactive Folgefonn centre, where you learn about Folgefonna glacier, the fjord and the nature in Hardanger. The Hardangerfjord Express also corresponds with buses, making it easy to get further into Hardanger.

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If you're looking for a culturally rich fjord experience, Aurora of the Fjords is ready to take you on an unforgettable fjord safari. The boat cruises around Sørfjorden throughout the summer season, and starting in 2023, it also stops by Ulvik and Eidfjord. Aurora of the Fjords is perfect for fjord sightseeing but also offer cider safaris with farm visits to the cider farmers in Hardanger. Cider from Hardanger is gaining popularity as we speak, and more and more people get their eyes up for the award-winning product. When visiting the farms you get to learn about how the fruit farmers work and live, and get a taste of the products they produce. It doesn't get more short-travelled than that, or what?

At one of the stops along the route, Nå, Ola K cider house, have specialized in making fantastic meals that complement the flavors of the cider. This is the perfect place for a lunch or dinner before continuing the exploration of the fjord. In Odda, you can visit Buerdalen valley and Buer restaurant, where local ingredients are put together to gourmet dishes. With views towards the raw and mighty glacier and mountain landscape, this is definitely an experience that goes straight into your memory book.

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Want to get even closer to the fjord? Fjord kayaking is the way to go. Paddling through the Hardangerfjord on a calm fjord with majestic mountains towering over you is truly unique. Directly from Hotel Ullensvang, Trolltunga Active takes you directly into the fjord landscape on guided kayak tours.

Best Adventures in Eidfjord offers several guided kayak tours. All tours go into Simadalsfjorden, the innermost fjord arm in Eidfjord. This fjord arm is calm and has a meditative and undisturbed atmosphere. On this tour, you have plenty of time to enjoy the rich nature and wildlife, and there are real chances for seeing both porpoises, seals, and sea eagles. Best Adventures offers 3-hour trips, or half or full-day trips with lunch included, where the lunch break is at one of the beautiful beaches located along the Simadalsfjord. You can also rent kayaks on your own for one or more days.

In Jondal, Folgefonni glacier team is ready to take you on a 3-4 hour adventure to various locations around Jondal, such as Jonaneset. Angr fjord kayak in Ulvik offers kayak rentals, kayak courses, and guided kayak tours.

All companies have skilled guides who strive to give you a fantastic, informative, and safe fjord experience. If you haven't paddled a kayak before, you'll receive good training in paddling technique and be in the safest hands of the guides.

There are also several places in Hardanger where you can rent rowing boats, including Hardangerfjord Active and Kinsarvik camping.

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Kajakk på Hardangerfjorden
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If you are more of an adrenaline-seeker, a rib fjord safari might be just the thing for you!

Trolltunga Active offers historical rib fjord safaris where you get to see the attractions and wildlife of the nearby area, as well as learn about the rich nature and cultural life that comes with it. The fjord safari can also be combined with cider tastings at one of the cider farms.

In Eidfjord, Hardanger Fjordsafari takes you on a thrilling adventure where you can experience the rush of the Hardangerfjord, as well as learn about the many areas near Eidfjord. At Hotle, a remote spot by the fjord, the goats that live typically comes by the boat to say hello. The guide also knows the best spots to get a glimpse of the seals living in the Hardangerfjord. Eidfjord is also rich in birdlife, so there are great chances of getting up close to seabirds. There are also opportunities to enter Simadalsfjorden where Sima hydropower plant, one of the largest power plants in Norway, is located. Here you can learn about the production that takes place inside the mountain and how the power plant is linked to attractions such as Vøringsfossen, Hardangerjøkulen, and Sysendammen. The nature in Simadalsfjorden is magnificent, with steep mountain sides and waterfalls.

In the idyllic village Ulvik, Hardangerfjord Adventure takes you out on a memorable experience that gives you a taste of majestic Norwegian fjord landscapes and insight into life along the fjord. On this RIB tour to the impressive Hardanger Bridge and into the Osafjord, you will experience old roadless fjord villages and spectacular scenery.

Another fantastic part of the Hardangerfjord is Fyksesund, the narrowest fjord arm in the Hardangerfjord. Hardangerfjord Adventure and Norheimsund Rib Seafari take you into Fyksesundet by rib, where you are surrounded by massive mountain sides and rushing waterfalls. At the end of Fyksesundet lies Botnen, a roadless village where the fjord is the best means of transportation. Hardanger aqua centre is located at the start of Fyksesundet and offers a short RIB tour in combination with a visit to an exhibition center for salmon farming.

Hardangerfjord Adventure also offers private group tours on request along most of the Hardangerfjord by agreement.

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For a truly serene experience on the Hardangerfjord, private fjord cruises are perfect. Captain Kurt aboard M/S Pilagutt knows the Hardangerfjord like the back of his hand and takes you to hidden gems along the fjord. Pilagutt can accommodate up to 11 people, has dining facilities both inside and outside and is perfect for taking family, friends or colleagues on a trip. Waterfall safari in mighty Fyksesund, the narrowest fjord arm in the Hardangerfjord, cruising through the fjord, go swimming at idyllic spots or fishing at the best fishing spots? There are many possibilities on a private fjord cruise, and the captain is ready to create a memorable fjord experience for you. PS: Don't worry if the weather forecast is bad! A rainy day can actually be the perfect day for a waterfall safari as the water and power in the waterfalls become more impressive.

See the Fjords is another private option where you can tailor your own fjord experience. With M/Y Iselina Bella, there are, among other things, accommodation, two bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and a floating dock. Should the cruise last for 3 hours or several days? That's up to you!

Are you ready to embark your next fjord adventure? Come explore the Hardangerfjord!