Sea kayaking on the fjord in Eidfjord – Best Adventures

Experience the Hardangerfjord up close by gliding silently over the water. Best Adventures takes you on a kayak experience on the Hardangerfjord. You can choose between different tour alternatives.


Gliding quietly over the water, with a fantastic fjord and mountain view, is a unique experience. Best Adventures takes you on a kayak tour on the Hardangerfjord. You can choose between different alternatives.

The classic 3-hour tour is the most popular excursion. All tours start in the center of Eidfjord and go into the narrow fjord arm Simadalsfjorden. Surrounded by steep mountains, this is an imposing and quiet part of the Hardangerfjord - you will get an undisturbed fjord experience. On this 3-hour tour, you will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding nature and wildlife – you may even see small whales, seals, or sea eagles!

These guided tours by Best Adventures are suitable for participants with or without previous kayaking experience. All excursions will start with an introduction to paddling techniques, and the tour-level will be adapted to the respective participants.

Alternatively, you can book a half-day kayak tour, including an outdoor lunch break. This excursion follows the same route as the classic 3-hour tour. Additionally, it includes a cozy lunch stop by a small, idyllic beach. Or you can choose the full-day tour, also including a beach stay and outdoor lunch.

The lowest age limit for participating in these tours is 10 years. The season is from around mid-May to the end of September.

Best Adventures also offers early spring kayak tours. These are organized from mid-April to mid-May. At that time of the year, the mountain peaks are still covered by snow, and the contrasts in the landscape are particularly impressive.

You can also rent the sea kayaks, for one or several days, without a guide. For kayak rental without a guide, you need to have certified kayaking experience and a minimum age of 18 years.