Kaiområde i Rosendal

Daytrip from Bergen to Rosendal

Beautiful Rosendal is well worth a visit!


Experience the enchantment of Rosendal, a picturesque village embraced by majestic mountains and the glistening waters of Hardangerfjord. Rosendal is a hidden gem that offers extraordinary encounters with nature and captivating cultural experiences.

Embark on a scenic adventure with the Hardangerfjord Express, traversing the fjord road from central Bergen to Rosendal. This journey is a spectacle in itself, as the breathtaking coastal landscapes gradually give way to majestic mountains along the fjord, creating an awe-inspiring transition.

Båtreise til Rosendal

The Hardangerfjord Express stops close to the Tourist Information Center and the Folgefonn Center. At the Folgefonn Center, you can discover exciting information about life in the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna National Park, and climate change. It's a great way to start your adventure and learn about the beautiful surroundings.

Tidshjulet på Folgefonnsenteret

You'll have an incredible day full of experiences in Rosendal. Begin your journey at the Folgefonnsenteret, where the Tourist Office offers valuable tips and guidance.

A brief stroll from the quay leads you to the delightful Skålagato, a charming shopping street with cozy shops and cafés.

The center of Rosendal also serves as a starting point for various mountain excursions. If you seek a challenge, both Melderskin and Malmangernuten are popular choices. Alternatively, opt for the scenic hikes of Skålafjell, Skjethaug, or Myrdalsvatnet for a shorter but equally rewarding adventure.


The Stone Park in Rosendal offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. Kids can borrow wooden boats and enjoy playing with water.

Inside the "Dinosaur House" in the Stone Park, fascinating stories, exhibitions, and films await, unveiling the wonders of natural and cultural history. As you wander the park, you'll encounter boulders transformed into sculptural forms, representing various rock types. Yet, Steinparken encompasses more than just stones. It unveils captivating narratives about the history of Life on Earth, human civilization, and even the legendary Viking treasure from Hatteberg.

Have a well-deserved break at the cozy café and explore the shop, where gemstones, fossils, treasure chests, and an array of captivating items await your discovery.

Leik med vatn i Steinparken

Baroniet Rosendal stands as the star attraction of Rosendal, renowned for its vibrant cultural program during the summer. Enhance your visit to the Baroniet by combining it with a captivating concert and delectable dinner, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Within Rosendal Have, you will discover the enchanting Rose Garden. The picturesque backdrop of the whitewashed castle and majestic mountains creates a breathtaking panorama that captivates every visitor.

The garden's evolution spans centuries, reflecting changing styles and trends in garden art. Immerse yourself in over 300 years of garden history as you explore its remarkable features.

To complete your visit, indulge in a lunch at Rosendal Havecafè and take a moment to browse the charming shop.

Yrjan Olsnes 0805

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the innovative Salmon Eye viewing center, where education and inspiration unite to address the global demand for sustainable food production through aquaculture.

Your journey begins in Rosendal, where you'll board the all-electric boats Malm or Melder. These vessels will transport you towards the Salmon Eye, located on the northern side of Snilstveitøy.

To secure your spot for this remarkable experience, you must book your experience in advance. Discover available dates and make your reservation HERE.

Delve into the future of sustainable food production and let Salmon Eye ignite your imagination!

Salmon Eye