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Family Vacation in Hardanger

Create Lifelong Memories in the fjords of Norway

Explore the Hardangerfjord region on a family vacation with your children! Get great tips for exciting and child-friendly experiences that are perfect for the whole family.


Planning a family vacation in Norway? With its contrasting nature and wide range of child-friendly activities, Hardanger is the perfect destination for parents with young children who want to create great vacation memories with their families.

From water and family parks to interactive exhibitions and farm visits, you won't run out of fun, exciting, and engaging things to do in Hardanger.

Say hello to Mikkel, Mikkeline, and their friends at Mikkelparken! This family park in Kinsarvik is perfect for children between 1-10 years old.


Get up close and personal with our unique nature at the Norwegian Nature Center - Hardanger and the Folgefonn Center. Or maybe you want to feed the fish at the Hardanger Akvasenter or The Goldfish lake?

Feeling the wind in your hair on a high-speed RIB safari is a sure hit with children. You may even see eagles, porpoises, and killer whales if you're lucky! Or perhaps you want to explore the fjords in a more tranquil setting? Rent a kayak and glide past one fjord gem after another.

Speaking of wind in your hair, at the Folgefonna glacier, you can go summer skiing, and the slopes are suitable for people of all ages. On a guided hike with the Folgefonni Glacier Team, you can also explore several thousand-year-old ice. The view from the restaurant at the brand new Fonna1199 Glacier centre is perfect when you want a well-deserved break.

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Why not combine activity and learning? Children can participate in several exciting and educational activities at the Olav H. Hauge Centre, Kraftmuseet, KraftLaben Science Center, and Hardanger Maritime Museum, from creating electricity to building their own wooden boats.


Do your children love to swim? Then we recommend checking out the many beautiful beaches in the region. The Hardangerbadet is perfect for children and parents if the weather is bad. It's also located right next to the beautiful Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese. You'll also find an exciting area with pools, slides, and other fun activities in Mikkelparken!

PS: Do not miss out on all the great hikes in the Hardanger region. Some are challenging, while others are perfect for children of all ages, even with strollers!


These are just a few tips for a family vacation in Hardanger. Check out this link for other exciting offerings. You can also contact the various tourist information offices in the region. They have many great tips for what you can do with your children in Hardanger!

Welcome to magical Hardanger – an eldorado for both big and small!