Estangard - Unique Cliff Camping

Have you ever experienced camping in thin air, several hundred meters above the ground? Now you can do just that with cliff camping together with Estangard!



Estangard offers cliff campin and a range of spectacular experiences in the heart of the Hardangerfjord, in close proximity to Trolltunga!


Cliff camping is a unique adventure that allows you to spend the night in a portaledge tent hanging 400 meters above the Hardangerfjord, with breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier, and massive mountain peaks. These specially designed tents were developed by professional climbers for multi-day climbs, ensuring safety and comfort. No previous climbing experience is required as you will have your own guide during the cliff camping experience.

To reach the camping site, you will follow a beautiful trail up the mountainside in Hardanger, which takes approximately 1 hour. Once at the campsite, your guide will provide a tour of the area, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning nature surrounding you. Dinner will be prepared, and served around the campfire (if the weather conditions allows it). The guides gladly share exciting stories around the campfire. At bedtime, you will climb down into the tent hanging on the cliff, 400 meters above the Hardangerfjord. The next morning, breakfast will be served before you pack up and return to civilization.

Estangard also offer experiences like tree tenting, cliff picnic, forest bathing and hammocking.

Estangard aims not only to create unforgettable memories but also wish to provide new perspectives and a deeper understanding of nature. By disconnecting from the busy modern world and reconnecting with nature and yourself, Estangard seeks to bring back the playful state of being present in the moment, free from the fears and self-imposed boundaries that adulthood often brings.