Hardanger Fjordtun - Treetop and Fjord panorama cabins

Beautiful views and the sound of nature. Book a night in architect-designed treetop cabins on the sunny side of the Hardangerfjord!



Those who have found this secluded gem in the Hardangerfjord region tells about a view that is like balm to the soul and the sound of pure nature. You can choose between a romantic stay in the treetop cabin or the funky panoramic cabin with space for your family, group, and friends. The architect-designed wooden cabins have just what you need - both for sleeping and living well. Also, they have large glass surfaces that let nature in and a terrace sheltered from the wind.

Nearby you can explore caves and hikes near roadless ancient societies. Swim, fish and row, or test your form up to mount Samlen 686 MASL. And even if you feel far away, it is only a short drive to the Folgefonna glacier, Jondal, and Utne. The starting point for the trip to Trolltunga is also within reach.

Welcome to Hardanger Fjordtun - Treetop and Fjord panorama cabins!