Woodnest - Odda Treehouse

Woodnest - Odda Treehouse

Get close to nature and enjoy the silence and the view over the Sørfjorden. The unique Woodnest treetop cabins in Odda are worth an overnight stay.



Get close to nature, feel the tranquility, and enjoy the view of Sørfjorden from Woodnest. The exceptional treetop cabins in Odda are indeed something else. The four huts, which all are 15 m², contain toilets and four beds. The two newest huts also include a bath tub and a double bed that lowers from the ceiling! 

Although they are an attraction in themselves, icons such as Trolltunga, Dronningstien, Låtefoss, Buerbreen, Folgefonna, and Bondhusvatnet are located just around the corner. In other words, a stay at Woodnest is a good starting point for a wonderful and memorable trip to the Hardangerfjord region.

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