Hanakamb got it all: Breathtaking fjord views, sparkling turquoise lakes, Folgefonna glacier and green valley sides. This hike really show the true beauty of Hardanger.


Hanakamb is another hidden gem among the Hardanger mountains. From start to end this hike offer a spectacular view towards fjord, rushing rivers, Folgefonna glacier, green valleys and turquoise glacier lakes. Hanakamb lies 1080 meter above sea level and is approx. 9 km. This hike is a real uphill climb but the view that awaits at the top makes up for all the hard work. The hike is estimated to take 4-6 hours and starts at Kvitno power station and goes through varied terrain. The first 300 height meters goes along a construction road before you meet a trail to the right marked with light blue marks that lead you into the woods. Follow the trail along Raundal river up to Raundalsvatnet lake at approx. 660 meters above sea level. Raundalen valley is known to be breathtakingly beautiful with lush green valley sides, turquoise water and Folgefonna glacier. This is the perfect place for a rest before taking on the last part of the hike to Hanakamb. The first part up from Raundalsvatnet lake is relatively steep but when you reach around 1000 height meteres the terrain flattens out a bit and the last part to Hanakamb is a little less steep. As you are approaching the top the fjord view opens up and a magnificent panoramic view meets you at the top with views towards Odda in south direction and Lofthus and mount Oksen in the north. 


Start: Kvitno power station, approx. 10 minutes to drive from the centre of Odda. 

Parking: Park along the main road, at the upper side of the road under Kvitno power station. 

Kilometers: Approx. 9 km

Estimated duration: 4-6 hours

Elevation gain: Approx. 1060 height meters. 

Season: May to October (Depending on when the snow comes/disappears).